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Which subjects are taught in Animation?

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Which subjects are taught in Animation?

What is Animation?

Animation course is that the study of designing, drawing, and making the illusion of motion pictures just by changing their static images which aren’t almost like one another. Applicants are going to be studying techniques of animation which will be wont to provide life to imaginative characters and make it appear as if they’re in motion and acting something. Earlier to make animation sequences, stop motion techniques were used today with high frames per second the items are totally changed.

The course of animation is all about studying and creating their own imaginative world. The animation opens the doors of all imaginative worlds and aspirants can creatively use these imaginations in their work. The level of things that will be created isn’t fixed while pursuing the animation course. As a student of animation, aspirants can use the latest animation techniques like 2D hand drawing, 2D and 3D computer-generated, stop motion, or model animation techniques to form the animation sequences. Aspirants having their love and dedication towards animation and have their creativity skills regarding this then choosing animation may be the right choice for them.

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Animation

For every course, there are certain eligibility criteria which the candidate has got to need to be eligible for the respective course. And for animation there are essential criteria that the candidate possesses to pass which they are:
For undergraduates

  • The candidate possesses to pass 10+2 in any stream from a well-recognized board.
  • He/she has to have a 50% aggregate.
    For post-graduation
    -The candidate must have a degree within the required course from a well-recognized university/ college.
  • He/she must have a minimum percentile within the required stream.
    Entrance examination for Animation
    Most of the colleges/universities conduct entrance examinations for the candidates who want to pursue the UG and PG courses. In the case of UG and PG courses in animation, the candidates need to qualify for the aptitude and reasoning test conducted by the respective college/university.
    If the candidate qualifies for the exam then undergo the counseling sessions can get into prestigious colleges/universities. Thus, the admission for the course is essentially on a merit basis.
    Scope of Animation in India and Abroad
    Candidates who take up the animation course have immense suitability and scope, especially for people who have a passion for creating something new. The course helps the candidates in gaining knowledge within the rapid growth of technologies.
    Candidates also can develop their skills in design, animation, multimedia, interactive applications, and publications.
    The students who complete the course have the chance to figure in well-established companies in India also as abroad. Thus, the course of animation features a huge scope and suitability for aspiring candidates.

Course Subjects

Subjects of any course help the candidates to have a broad idea about the course. The subjects of animation give the candidates details about the course and also provide aspiring candidates with multiple job opportunities. These are some of the subjects that come under animation:

  1.  Elements of information technology
  2. Introduction of programming language
  3.  Foundation Art
  4.  Basics of animation
  5.  Computer-based 2D animation
  6.  Multimedia and computer graphics
  7.  Introduction to 3D animation and modeling I
  8.  Introduction to mass communication and media
  9. Technical English I
  10.  3 D animation I
  11.  Production process I
  12.   Multimedia I
  13. Composing and editing
  14. Colour theory
  15. Technical English II
  16.  3D Animation II
  17.   Production process II
  18.  Multimedia II
  19. Layout and perspective
  20.  Sketching a landscaping
  21.  Scriptwriting- I
  22. Content development direction I
  23. Gaming Technology
  24. Digital editing and Motion graphics I
  25.  Visual Effects I
  26. V.F.X I
  27. Scriptwriting II
  28. Content Development direction II
  29.  Gaming production
  30.  Digital editing and Motion graphics II
  31. Visual effect II
  32.  V.F.X –II
  33. Language
  34.  English

35. Fundamentals of Art and design

36. Character and environment sketching

37. Traditional animation

38. Pre-production

39. Computer fundamentals

40.   Language

41. English

42.  Introduction to filmmaking

43. Digital media production

44. Basic compositing and editing

45.  Short film (live)

46.  Human values and mind management

47.  Language

48. English

49. Introduction to 3D animation

50. Modelling techniques

51. Texturing and shading

52.Basic lighting and rendering

53. Language

54. English

55. Rigging techniques

56. Animation for production

57. Advanced lighting and rendering

58. Dynamic for effects of animation

59. Environmental science

60. Advanced compositing and editing

61. Character design for production

62. Environment design for production

63. Professional lighting and rendering

64. Character animation for production

65. Visual effects for production

66. Specialization project

67. Internship 

Careers in Animation

The course of animation is one of the most preferred courses and most of the candidates go for this course after the completion of their schooling. There are a variety of job opportunities in the field of animation. Especially after the completion of the graduation and post-graduation of the animation course candidates are open to a variety of jobs.

The candidate can either work as a 3D animator or can work as a film video editor.

They also can work as a comic book artist in the most reputed newspapers and magazines. After the completion of the course, the students can focus on the following areas; colleges and universities, content writing (animation), gaming industry, news and magazines and websites. Thus, the field of animation has a huge career scope. 

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

In most courses, placements and recruiters play a major role in candidates choosing their course and animation is one important field that most of the candidates wish to choose as their profession after completion of the course. It is the most creative and professional field which has a bright career opportunity. These are some of the job profiles of the animation course:

Job profiledescription
Art directorThe art director works based on the commands from the copywriter and creating ideas to present for the client or audience. They also work on different designs to produce effective ad campaigns and commission specialists.
3D animatorA 3D animator does special effects, animation or visual images using film, video, computers or other electronic tools designed by them.
Film Video EditorThe Film/ video editor assembles finished products that are suitable for broadcasting. It consists of dialogue, sound effects, camera footage, graphics and special effects.
animatorAn animator is a person who is responsible for creating images that appear to come to life on the screen.
Video game designerThe video game designer designs characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation.
Comic book artistA comic book artist tells stories through their graphic images they create teaming up with the writers.

Top Recruiters in Animation

The field of animation has versatility and abundance of the choices when it comes to job opportunities. Especially if the candidate is well qualified and passionate about their work, they are instantly recruited by different popular recruiters and private companies. These are some of the top recruiters of the field:

  • Acer
  • Accenture
  • Adobe systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Amazon Global Vision.
  • Google vision
  • Google Inc
  • Pent media graphics
  • Maya entertainment
  • Toonz Animation India
  • UTV Toonz
  • Heart Entertainment Ltd
  • Nipuna services
  • Reliance media works Ltd.

Required Skillset for Animation

There are major recruiters in the field of animation, and they are looking for candidates with certain skill sets. These skill sets make the candidates able to work in any situation. These are the following skill sets required by the candidate:

-Creativity and imagination – One skill the candidate should have is the creativity and imagination and creativity skills. They should be both creative and can imagine the scenario.

-Patience and attention to detail – Another skill the candidate should have is patience and attention to detail. He/she should have immense patience and also have attention to details.

– Drawing skills – The next skill the candidate should have is the drawing skill. He/she should be able to put forth their imagination in the paper.

-Familiarity with graphics – Candidate should be familiar with graphics as the animation is nothing without graphics.

-Computer literacy – Another skill the candidate should have is computer literacy. He/she should know the computer as all the animation work depends upon the computer.

– Communication skills – One of the most important skills is communication. He/she should be able effectively to convey their thoughts and ideas.

Course Curriculum for Animation

The curriculum of any subject is designed to impart the knowledge about the course and its subjects in detail. It also gives students the idea of how the course is going to be. The candidate also gets the opportunity to choose multiple career options.

The curriculum of animation gives the candidate the scope of different job opportunities. A well-defined curriculum also deals with multiple subject choices for the students. Thus, for any course, the curriculum is the most important aspect of course.


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